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Photo – Natalee


Photo – Colin


I really liked the action caught in this one, mid-run… one of my favorites in a while.

Photo – “A”


Ok, so 100 Strangers is proving to be a little more time consuming and difficult than I first anticipated. So I am going to work instead on an A-Z project.

The object of this project is to take a photo of different things around me that look like letters (example: a swing on a swing-set could be used as a U)

This project should be a little easier to complete and help get things started on the site.

Appreciate your patience 🙂


Also if anyone has any ideas for other side projects let me know! Leave me a comment!

100 Strangers

I am beginning a new photography project known as “100 Strangers”.

The object of this project is to photograph 100 people you don’t know and get a short background story about them to go with the photo.

My photo should always contain a description of the photo. Including things such as:
* What’s the name of the person in the picture?
* Who is he/she?
* How did we meet?
* What did we talk about?

I believe that this project will help advance my skills in many photography techniques, as well as make myself a few new friends.

Photos should be coming soon! 🙂